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Children's camp "Cristiano" in Slobozia-Dusca

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Summer children’s camp "Cristiano" is on the river Dniester, Criuleni district, in the village of Slobozia-Dusca, which is about 30 km from Chisinau.

Large swimming pool (not inflatable), a snack bar at the camp, a picturesque environment, friendly educators and good meal expect their young holidaymakers in the summer camp "Cristiano".
Tabara Cristiano Slobozia-Dusca r.Criuleni

The camp is designed for more than 500 children from the villages and towns of the Republic of Moldova. Teaching and administrative staff of the camp "Cristiano" consists of teachers with a lot of experience, as well as students from colleges and universities with teacher profile. Tech Fund of the children's summer camp allows a number of artistic and sporting events.
Tabara Cristiano Slobozia-Dusca r.Criuleni
Camp "Cristiano" will give you a real dream!

Contact Details

Moldova, dis. Criuleni, v. Slobozia-Dusca

(+373 248) 745 00

(+373 69) 599 099


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