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Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine - Sancos

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The clinic was founded in January 1987. At that time, worked 7 rooms where 16 employees, among them 3 doctors and 7 nurses. Cosmetology Clinic was among the first medical institutions in Moldova, which began to apply the mechanism of cost-effectiveness and full of self-financing. Have been proposed a variety of medical services: consulting cosmetologist physician to care for face and body, cosmetic services (cleaning of the skin, healing and hydrating mask, etc..), Physical therapy, hair removal.

It started to take the first steps and surgical cosmetology. It has been introduced into the practice of rejuvenation surgery, removal of excess fat, modeling of body shape and breasts.

Currently «SANCOS» operates through long-term contracts that provide financial stability and social security as a clinic clients and its employees.

In 5 clinical departments are 3 professors, 7 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 42 doctors and 50 nurses.

Contact Details

Moldova, mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău
Riscanovca, Bld. Moscova, 16, MD-2068

(+373 22) 909 909
(+373 22) 497 410


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