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Restaurant Madame Wong in Chisinau

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Madam Wong - a restaurant of contemporary Asian cuisine, come to us from Hong Kong. It was there, in the center of Southeast Asia, gastronomic eclecticism has reached an unprecedented level, becoming a global trend. Now the institution, combining the best of gastronomic delights of this region, was opened in Chisinau. The two-day opening, the past 25 and 26 February, will long be remembered guests of the restaurant - delicious meals, guest artists, luxurious atmosphere.

Madam Wong from the category of those restaurants where it makes sense to go specifically for the sake of aesthetics food. And this begins with the aesthetics of the interior. Not overloading the space with unnecessary authentic parts, turned to convey the atmosphere and mood of Hong Kong Restaurant, Singapore and Tokyo.

In Madam Wong dark and very stylish: wood, stone and painted walls. The space is divided into three rooms. The first room - a sushi cafe with an open kitchen, so that the most curious can take a seat at the bar and contemplate how to prepare their rolls. The second - a main hall with a large contact the bar, and the third - a semi-enclosed room - a little more intimate and cozy.

Contact Details

Moldova, mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău
Center, St. Aleksandr Pușkin, 44

(+373 60) 902 000


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