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«Strugurash» - Sanatorium

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Sănătoriul «Strugurash»
Sanatorium "Struguraș" is situated in the picturesque park on the left side of the Nistru river, on the water basin region of Dubasari, near villages Cocieri and Molovata Noua. The distance till Dubasari town is 10km and Chisinau - 50km.
Sănătoriul «Strugurash»
There are an arranged beach on the territory of the resort, a boat station, sport facilities, a room for table games, a dance court, a summer terrace, a bar and a shop.

For more interesting time spending the resort "Struguraș" has a cinema with 320 seats in it, a library. Bus tours, concerts and competitions are organized regularly.

On your disposal there are 142 rooms (single and double) in two blocks of the hotel, a restaurant, a treatment block, joined together by a gallery that is creating more comfortable conditions for the treatment around the year.
Sănătoriul «Strugurash»
For couples with children there are five villas with two floors.

Sanatorium "Struguraș" offer balneary (mineral water), SPA treatment for patients who suffering of diseases in:
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • peripheral nervous system;
  • digestive system;
  • liver and biliary gall;
  • respiratory organs;
  • gynecological organs;
  • urinary organs.
Sanatorium «Strugurash»

Contact Details

Moldova, dis. Dubasari, v. Cocieri

(+373 24) 892 256
(+373 28) 892 158
(+373 28) 892 252

(+373 68) 936 464


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