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Music and traditions in a millenary space "Gustar 2014"

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Этно Фестиваль Густар 2014
The most important multicultural festival of the year invites the people of the Republic of Moldova and all foreign tourists to this event bringing all sorts of cultures closer together to celebrates our national traditions.

The festival will be held in the period of 23rd -25th of August 2014, in close proximity to several national holidays of the Republic of Moldova.
The name of the festival “Gustar” is set in Latin roots, which might be translated from the traditional form as used by the month of August, the month when you can fully enjoy all the ripe fruits in Republic of Moldova. Throughout the years whenever the festival has been organised, it is not only the one with the biggest national values, but also people not only from our country mark it in their calendars as a “must go”.

Here you can meet new people, reunite with old friends, you might even find the love of your life. This festival is more than just an event, it is the summer’s peak, it’s time for kindness and a re-joining with the ones that count.
The location of the event is near the piсtoresque zone of Old Orhei, being a setting for:

• One of the most major tourist locations of the Republic of Moldova
• You are 500km away from the geographical center of Europe
• Traces of many old cultures that have appeared and evolved over time can be seen throughout the area including the likes of the stone age, copper, bronze and iron age and even through antiquity and middle ages are all evident.
• It is at the intersection between the East and the West, which shaped the world as we know it.
The location of the festival "Gustar 2014" is the same that the previous participants have already grown fond of for the last four years, to be more specific, it is the area next to Old Orhei Museum Complex near the river Raut. The location is an archaeological and historical complex with amazing landscapes and great acoustics.

The festival is like an umbrella that gathers different cultures under its canopy, with good music, a great portion of intercultural exchange and by that we don’t only mean interaction between the tourists and local people, but also between the invited bands that come to sing and share the culture of their country.

The sales of tickets for the festival start before each particular rendition. According to the decision taken by the organizers, the sales of tickets will start this year on the 4th  August 2014. The tickets can be purchased from the official website: and in the Starnet offices around Chisinau.

If you have additional questions, suggestions or other important things that you want to know about the festival, you can email us at
Start: Aug 23 2014
Next: Aug 25 2014
End: Aug 25 2014
Venue: Old Orhei s. Trebujeni near the river Raut

Contact Details

Moldova, dis. Orhei, v. Trebujeni
Стырй Оргеев

(+373 022) 233 898

(+373 78) 585 001



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