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  • First Chisinau Trolleybus
    First Chisinau Trolleybus
    The very first trolleybus route appeared in Chisinau in 1949. 10 years later in 1959, there was opened Trolley stock № 1. The first route ran from the train station to the Medical Institute. In 1961, when the tramway in the city had been discontinued, the only type of electric vehicles was the trolleybus.



Statements of fact with regard to the remote but glorious Moldovan past plunge you into examining the historical events of our country. At times, we do not even suspect that an obvious unremarkable historical nuance can hide a plethora of past secrets. With great names of history, victories and defeats, monuments, buildings, excavations, military installations, and much more - all together proclaim a rich tapestry only waiting for you to discover our Moldovan heritage with the help of our online guidance - under the heading of History of Moldova.

Assumption Church (1642) at the Museum Village
In Soviet times, Moldova is the only country in the territory from Georgia to Estonia that does not have its museums..
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Botanica
Church "Saint Dmitry"
mun. Chisinau, c. Vadul lui Voda
Church "St. Devout Paraskeva” - Dobrogia
mun. Chisinau, v. Dobroja
Prayer House (c. Todiresht)
Prayer House
dis. Ungheni, v. Todiresti
St. Alexei Church
Built in 1912, the St. Alexei Church is a unique architectural monument, which is located in the village of Pohrebea,..
dis. Dubasari, v. Pohreba
Temple in Cosnita
There is unfortunately not a great deal of information known about the temple of Cosnita village. The first appearance..
dis. Dubasari, v. Cosnita