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  • Dadiani Gymnasium
    Dadiani Gymnasium
    Initially, this land spot was planned for rather different goals. The building, built on the block of the some cross – streets of August 31st, Banulesku – Bodoni, Bucuresti and Pushkin was purposed for the clergy of the Cathedral.

History Culture


Moldovan culture includes traditions, arts and public education. It is formed as a result of a long collaboration with the cultures of other countries neighbouring Moldova: Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

The development of Moldovan culture is beyond all doubt attributable to its history - the influence of the Roman colonisation, contacts with East Slavic population and many others interactions over time.



Folk Crafts Museum in village Yurchen (Iurceni)
Ceramic products exhibited at the Museum are several hundred years. Every autumn, in September, the museum is held a..
dis. Nisporeni, v. Iurceni
Holiday hotel “Casa Părintească” (Parents' Home)
Pension “Casa Părintească” (parents' house) is located in the village of Palanca, Calarasi region of Moldova and is a..
dis. Calarasi, v. Palanca
Mansion of nobleman Meleghi in the village Temeleuti
Historical monuments of the village Temeleuti. Unfortunately, the house and the farm buildings of Boyar Meleghi have..
dis. Floresti, v. Temeleuti
Museum of Bread
In the village Valeni (Cahul district) is the most "delicious" Museum of Moldova.
dis. Cahul, v. Badicul Moldovenesc, Valeni
Diverse and Interesting Events
Diverse and Interesting Events