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Fire Museum

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Not all of Chisinau residents know about this museum, however foreign tourists love to go and see this place. Currently the Fire Museum is holding a general reconstruction, and soon there will be "Safety of Life Learning Center".

The museum has been in existence for 30 years. There are dioramas depicting the various possible emergencies. You can also see layouts, which shows you how the security system works at the Opera and Ballet Theater, in a many-storey building and a farmhouse.

There is also a unique object named  by impressionable visitors as the "Horror Room". The museum workers officially call it "The Room of the Causes of Fire." Its ordinary light is darkness and as soon as visitors enter the room, smoke starts swirling out of nowhere. Then the potential causes of fire start flashing an iron, a stove, a gas vessel etc.

As the guide reads out the fire statistics, the room reconstructs with a horrible picture of reality, demonstrating how a building may look like after such a fire.

There are exhibits which are called" participants of conflagration" – gory images of the original people who have died from such a fire.

The museum is located next to the fire station, which makes it possible to acquaint tourists with the work of today’s firefighters.

After the reconstruction, various new rooms will be open , demonstrating the methods used to assist when natural, technological, social and manmade disasters.

Things on show include,  how to minimize the risk of radiation; the best way to escape from the turmoil; what to do if you are bitten by a poisonous insect, or  what to do if you happen to be in the situation where a mercury thermometer has ruptured. These are all very interesting and valuable points to be taken on board.

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