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  • House of Lydia Lipkovski
    House of Lydia Lipkovski
    The house where lived an opera singer Lydia Lipkovski. Lydia Lipkovski (in Russia it is known as Lipkovskaya) - a famous opera singer (soprano). Lydia Yakovlevna was born in the village of Babino, Khotinsky County, province of Bessarabia, on 6th June 1882. Her great fate granted her a long vocal career, great opera partners, grateful students ... but a lonely and sad old age.

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National Museum of Fine Arts of Moldova

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Today the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts has around thirty three thousand works of art. It  widely represents all Moldovan art styles and classifications from sculpture, drawing, painting and arts and crafts. This collection spans the period from the Middle Ages through to the modern day. Particular attention is paid to the collection of Moldovan iconography of the Middle Ages. Old books, manuscripts and icons give an idea of how Christianity developed in Moldova and inform us of its role in Moldovan culture.

The museum has a permanent exhibition of European, Russian and Oriental art. European Painting of XVI-XVIII centuries presented by works of F. Boucher, P. Gaubert, Rembrandt, Renoir, P. Gavarnie. The further collection of works of Russian painting such as V. Perov, I. Repin, A. Savrasova, I. Ivanov, I. Aivazovsky, Shishkin also deserve great attention. A really valuable collection of Japanese masters of XVII-XIX centuries -Utagawa Kunisada, Ando Hiroshige, Utamaro Kitagawa is also on show and worth seeing.

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