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Natural History Museum of Moldova State University

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The museum was formed in 1952.  Its unique exhibits were collected by students and graduates of the Faculty of Biology and Soil. Biologists brought here dead animals from different parts of the planet. Thus, there emerged a unique collection of representatives of varied fauna of the earth. For nearly 30 years, the single employee and tour guide in one person has been Poznakomkin Stanislav Danilovich.

The most unique exhibit in the museum is a newborn of cachalot that is 2 days old; you will not find anything like this at any museum in the world. The remains of the dead baby sperm whale were brought to the museum by the university graduate. Besides the baby whale he persuaded the captain of his ship to carry the vertebrae of 28-meter skeleton of a blue whale and a cachalot’s jaw.

From  Askania Nova reserve there were brought ostriches died because of the chemicals used to pollinate neighboring fields.
Here you can also see - Osprey - fish hawk (listed in the Red Book). The bird was ringed in 2008 in Helsinki by scientists of the Zoological Museum and was killed in Moldova, while overflying.

The main objective of the museum is to provide university students learning process, but the tour will be also provided to any interested person.

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