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  • Monument to Maxim Gorky
    Monument to Maxim Gorky
    Monument to Maxim Gorky, Russian writer, novelist and playwright, was opened in 1977 and is located on the Cosmonauts Street.



Statements of fact with regard to the remote but glorious Moldovan past plunge you into examining the historical events of our country. At times, we do not even suspect that an obvious unremarkable historical nuance can hide a plethora of past secrets. With great names of history, victories and defeats, monuments, buildings, excavations, military installations, and much more - all together proclaim a rich tapestry only waiting for you to discover our Moldovan heritage with the help of our online guidance - under the heading of History of Moldova.

The church “St. Three Hierarchs”
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Botanica
The house on the 31 of August street, "Masonic House"
The building was built in 1892. There are "Masonic symbols" - a compass and a setsquare above the entrance.
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Center
The Memorial Complex "To the Sons of the Motherland - the Eternal Memory"
Memorial complex is called the "Sons of the motherland - the eternal memory " (in Moldovan language it sounds like..
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Riscanovca
The monument "Victims of the Holocaust"
The monument "Victims of the Holocaust" was erected in memory of Jewish people killed by Romanian-German invaders..
mun. Tighina (Bender), c. Bender
The Most Powerful Water Source of Moldova - Kotova source
The most powerful water source of Moldova is Kotova source which is near the village of Kotova. The source's yield..
dis. Drochia, v. Cotova
The Old Orhei Museum Complex
Old Orhei is a historical and archaeological complex. It is located 60 km to the northeast of our capital on the river..
dis. Orhei, v. Butuceni
The Prison Castle or Earthen fortress XVIII century.
This Earthen fortress of the XVIII century encompasses an ancient burial mound. The Prison Castle was built in the..
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Riscanovca
Tipova - is one of the most amazing sights in Moldova. This nature reserve is located 100 km. north of Chisinau. The..
dis. Rezina, v. Tipova
Tower of Winds - a unique monument in the north of Transnistria.
Tower of Winds - a unique monument in the north of Transnistria
dis. Ribnita, c. Ribnita
Tram depot
The complex of buildings is located between the current streets of Columna and Metropolitan Dosoftei. It was the only..
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Center
Troyan Mounds
Troyan earth mounds are considered to be possible evidence of the presence of the Romans on the territory of Moldova,..
dis. Leova
Victims of Fascism
Monument on Mass Grave in the memory of underground fighters and just ordinary citizen shot by fascists. This monument..
mun. Tiraspol, c. Tiraspoli, Cirpicnaa sloboda
Villa and arboretum of Mindic
At 25 km from the city Drochia between the villages Mindic and Cotova, there is an ancient villa Mindic surrounded by..
dis. Drochia, c. Drocia
Diverse and Interesting Events
Diverse and Interesting Events