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Many believers think that the service of God is good hope for the salvation of humanity in these times of spiritual crisis.

Moldova has and continues to build houses of worship, where people can gather for the only purpose - to pray.

Church house (v. Sarata Noua)
October 24, 2010 Christians were able to enjoy a long-awaited event - the consecration of the House of Prayer in the..
dis. Falesti, v. Sarata Noua
House of Prayer - Ark
The church “Ark” – is a church of Evangelical Christians and Baptists of Moldova. It is an integral part of the Union..
mun. Balti, c. Balti
Prayer House (c. Todiresht)
Prayer House
dis. Ungheni, v. Todiresti
Prayer House (v. Sofievka)
A new meetinghouse was built in the region of Taraklija in the village of Sofievka.
dis. Taraclia, v. Sofievca
Diverse and Interesting Events
Diverse and Interesting Events