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    Tipova - is one of the most amazing sights in Moldova. This nature reserve is located 100 km. north of Chisinau. The place is famous for its truly enchanting countryside, beautiful landscape and the most significant cave monasteries in Moldova and Eastern Europe.

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State Reserve Iagorlîc

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State Reserve called "Iagorlîc" is in Dubossary district, Transnistrian, lower the river of the same name, from which the park got its name.

Today Iagorlîc is the only reserve in Transnistria.

According to government regulation it was founded 15th February 1988. The purpose of its establishment was to preserve the unique plant species and communities, protection of fish fauna and other bios groups of the Middle Dniester basin.

The reserve lies on an area of over 270 hectares of water surface and 870 ha of dry area.

The reserve consists of water and dry ecological systems,  here they have created all the conditions for the reproduction of plants and animals.

The reserve is home to an abundance of rare and endangered plant species that are part of unique phytocenosis, which are located on limestone slopes of Iagorlîc. This is the whole value of the state of this amazing place.

There is a unique plant that grows only in two places on the bank of the Dniester. It’s name is greenweed tetrahedral, it is endemic to Transnistria.

The reserve also protects the following plants: forest grapes, sunrose, Moldovan June grass, pasqueflower, badger and others.
It is a must for lovers measured recreation and communion with nature to visit the reserve of “Iagorlîc”.

Local places are very scenic. Here you will find unique plants that do not grow anywhere else. It's worth to see it!

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