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Prospect MD bring both Prosperity & Promotions!

PROSPECT.MD is an information and educational portal for business, tourism, history and events in Moldova.

Objectives of the Project:
  • to profile Moldovan businesses and promote them throughout Moldova.
  • to stimulate interest in the country as an object of national and international tourism by giving the details of the unique geographical, architectural and historical sites in the country as we strive to promote the image of Moldova as a country with rich cultural and natural heritage.
  • to promote attractions, holidays and traditions in order to emphasise the diversity and originality of the Moldovan people.

    ♦   Business
We offer continuing construction of your information infrastructure at national level.
Placing detailed information about your business and events related to your professional activity on Prospect.md, we allow all to witness your road to success.

    ♦   Tourism
We strive to expose the tourist potential of Moldova, highlighting the most secret and remote corners of this hospitable and fertile land. Prospect.md is ready to impart a wealth of information about the country’s places of interest and travel routes leading  on to reveal the essence of our native land.

    ♦   History of Moldova
Studying the past, we build our future! Fascinating story of the past, interwoven with the present, lays down the foundation for the future, permitting you to enter into the spirit of the Moldovan people.

    ♦   Events
All that Moldova lives by! Watch both small and large events, taking part in the activities both here and abroad. Make the most important events of your life known and celebrate your success in a wide circle of friends. Do not be afraid to announce the start of something new to everybody!

The Prospect.md team creates an image of a successful future. By means of the portal, we offer our customers opportunities to make themselves and their activities known worldwide.

To become a part of the project, you should register or update the existing information. The whole project offers you several options and types of effective advertising.

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