Fashionable and stylish look of the modern woman for the New Year 2015 celebration

Style dress
The coming year is a wooden goat year. Some classical dresses would be nise. And add accessoris and your good mood.

The main motto - it should be comfy, but the goat loves heels. Therefore, if your festive shoes will be shoes on flat sole or classical shoes on a small heels - it is the time for New Year's dance.

Goat, is domestic animal, so nothing pretentious and glamorous, only natural fabrics - satin, flowing silk and velvet soft.

The color of the coming year - green and blue. It will also be nice if to mix two shades - you get the dress aqua colour. Pastel colors are also in vogue - beige or cream - brulee.

Accessories and jewelry
Symbol of the year is - a tree. Volumetric earrings and bracelets, pendants and beads complement your chic image. However, remember that gold looks adorable on the green fabric and silver on blue. This is your nightlights!

Curls or braids - that is fashionable in 2015.

Festive makeup should be natural in blue - green colors. Emphasis on: either the eyes or lips.

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Diverse and Interesting Events