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Church of St. Michael the Archangel

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Церковь святого Архангела Михаила

In Soviet times the church was closed and was not functioning, but in 1993, it was again revived and restored by public funds. After the restoration the church had returned all the necessary attributes for worship.

In 2008, the foundation of the church was updated and strengthened on the money collected from the parishioners. Thanks to the new foundation, the church will serve people for hundreds of years.
The old church preserved some unique icons dating from the 17th century. One of these icons is - an icon of St. Seraphim Sorokskii.

Despite its architectural simplicity, this church is very dear to the locals as within it there have been baptized and married a generation of villagers.

Церковь святого Архангела Михаила

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Moldova, dis. Ungheni, v. Tescureni

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