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Business Sports Clubs for Kids

Moldova State University Sports Complex

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Moldova State University Sports Complex

The sports centre is a subdivision of the University, which tasks are:

  • to ensure the schedule of physical training coordinated by the Department of Physical Culture for the students of the University.
  • development of physical culture and sports activities among students,
  • to hold internal and inter-university sports events and activities
  • to provide recreational and sports services to businesses and individuals on a fee basis.

The pool is open daily until 21.00.

There is a children's pool. Your child will have swimming lessons three times a week from 3pm to 6pm  (you can choose suitable days and time). The session lasts 45 minutes. Children under 16 years swim exclusively under coach supervision. Only kids reached 7 years can be enrolled for swimming.

Do not go in the pool if ...

  • you feel low, giddy or ail - even if the symptoms are minor;
  • have been drinking alcohol beverages;
  • you have a fever;
  • have any skin diseases;
  • chronic diseases excluding hypothermia and water treatments.

Nothing to worry about, It is all right, is it not? Well, then - happy swimming!

Contact Details

Moldova, mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău
Center, St. Ismail, 1

(+373 22) 278 544


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