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Business Sports Clubs for Kids

Specialized Children and Youth School of Olympic Reserve for Fencing

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Children and Youth Sports School Fencing in Moldova opens a set of a group for girls and boys aged 7-11 years. Classes in the section free! Vacancies are limited, so hurry! Sign up for a trial training session, please call 079 181 326.

Fencing School in our country has been working for more than 30 years. Over the years it has trained many successful athletes, winners of world and European championships. The main objective of the school is to prepare children for a world-class sporting events, physical development and cultural education of teenagers.

The initial group (7-11 years) are taught by experienced coaches and teachers, honored master of sports. The first year or two athletes learn the basics of the sport, and focuses on the development of coordination, speed, agility and tactics of fighting.

From 11-12 years of athletes are beginning to take part in competitions at the local level, which brings out the best in the age category. These children are due to start school to take part in international competitions abroad.

Fencing School has a specially equipped room in which there is everything necessary for the preparation of athletes. The hall is located in the athletics arena in Chisinau Riscani district, A.Doga 26.
Специализированная детско-юношеская школа Олимпийского резерва по фехтованию

Contact Details

Moldova, mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău
Riscanovca, St. Andrei Doga, 26

(+373 22) 445 335
(+373 22) 438 926

(+373 69) 615 954


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