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Ethno-Balkan Festival "Vatra"

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Festivalul Etno-Balcanic VATRA
August 16th -17th , Historical and Cultural Complex "Vatra" will house the Ethno-Balkan Festival. Within the framework of the Cultural Forum there will be artists from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Serbia.
Festivalul Etno-Balcanic VATRA
The program includes folk dances, national cuisine, the exposure of household items of the Balkan peoples and etc.

The complex will house activities organised by the Balkan ethnic groups residing in the Republic of Moldova who keep these strong ethnic traditions alive.
Festivalul Etno-Balcanic VATRA
Historical and Cultural Complex "Vatra" is located 30 kilometers from Chisinau, near Codri, next to Capriana monastery.
Festivalul Etno-Balcanic VATRA
Festivalul Etno-Balcanic VATRA
Start: Aug 16 2014 @ 11:00
Next: Aug 17 2014
End: Aug 17 2014
Venue: Historical and Cultural Complex "Vatra"
Ticket Cost: one day 50 lei, two days 80 lei
Start Date/Time: 11:00

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Moldova, mun. Chisinau

(+373 22) 222552

(+373 79) 55 11 33