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«Star Kebab» (Ismail str.)

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The food in Star Kebab is prepared in such a way that makes your dreams come true! We offer our visitors “menu of your dreams”. "You can have lunch and dinner every day in our café or visit “Star Kebab” with friends and family in the evening - you will never get bored with the cousin - it is always delicious! 

«Star Kebab» (ул. Исмаил)

We use only the freshest, natural products and ingredients. All products are produced in Moldova. Dishes should be always dainty and diverse to delight everyone. We often change the range to have variety.

All our sauces are homemade and prepared from natural products produced in Moldova. No mayonnaise and ketchup! Our sauces are not only tasty, but also very healthy.

Our house style: our workers juggle saucers as well as some bartenders do it with bottles. One should admit that it's interesting to see how your food is being prepared specially for you with an artistic touch. We are all open; we cook food in front of our visitors. We have nothing to hide ...

We also provide a «Dream Card», which can be obtained by collecting 7 checks. Having the card you are offered significant discounts. If you order 7 dishes from the menu, then the next, the 8th dish, you receive as a gift.

Come and see us at the cafe - and your dream will come true!
«Star Kebab» it's delicious!

Contact Details

Moldova, mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău
Center, St. Ismail, 84

(+373-22) 855-714


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