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Family Riscanu-Derozhinski Manor

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In the historic centre of the city there is the palace of the Bessarabian nobles Riscanu-Derozhinski. The family Manor of Riscanu-Derozhinski was built in the 1870’s and designed by the renowned architect Bernardazzi.

In 1950 the building was rebuilt and served as a place of work of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, and later the place housed society "Knowledge".

In the late 1980's the building passed to the directorate of the Philharmonic and the National Palace, and in 1996 the architectural monument was on the balance of the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs. Three years later the building was passed to the Chamber of Commerce.
Subsequently, it was privatised and passed into private hands with a prerequisite of preserving pristine facade and the necessary restoration work.

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