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  • Obelisk to A. S. Pushkin
    Obelisk to A. S. Pushkin
    On 26th May1884 in Chisinau was immortalised the memory of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin by the opening of the obelisk in the city Alexander Garden (now it is Park of Stephen the Great).

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Monument to Valentin Voitsekhovsky

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Another very remarkable house is that of number 73 Stefan cel Mare Street. On the facade of this building there are many tablets, 2 memorial bas-reliefs etc. But the most important board informs us that this building is under state protection. Unfortunately, it is really hard to understand what is actually engraved there. According to recent data this structure is not actually a monument of architecture, but the experts do not agree with the authorities that it needs preservation. Professional researches say that this building has historical and artistic value.

This unique building is a wonderful example of architecture of only 30 to 50 years ago  in the middle of the twentieth century. It is of a unique style, almost having disappeared because of a fight with the "architectural extravagances."  The body of the building  is in the Style of Stalinist Empire, or the Soviet Stalinist monumental classical architecture. Buildings in this style decorate various cities, and still look harmonious, despite their size and power.

This building number 73 on the Stefan cel Mare Street was designed by the famous architect Valentin Voitsekhovsky. The architect studied with great interest and kept an historical building genre, working in Balti Eparchy as an architect, worked on the restoration of religious buildings. Being a true artist, he strived to keep relationship between the generations, transmitting the view of the original nuances and epic - monumental features, from generation to generation ...


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Moldova, mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău
Center, Bld. Stefan cel Mare si Sfint, 73