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House-Museum of Alexander Donici

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Being a classic of Moldovan literature, fabulist and translator Alexander Donici was born January 19, 1806 in the Bessarabian village Bezeni (now the village of Donici in Orhei district, Moldova).

A. Donici was a multifaceted and erudite man; he successfully combined a legal practice and literary career. The poet was seriously keen on literary translation; the first of his works was Pushkin poem "Gypsies" and a collection of essays by Antiochus Cantemir.

Fascinated by Krylov’s fables, Alexander Donici put some of them into the Moldovan way. The writer is considered to be the creator of the national Moldovan fable. A. Donici died in 1865 in Iasi.

For a long time the house of the fabulist, located in the village Bezeni (now Donici) was used as a secondary school. But in 1976 the authorities, recognising the literature merits of the writer, decided to open a museum in his home.

The homestead atmosphere is of 19th century. In the living room and in the study there is furniture of fashion in those days Egyptian style, hardwood floors are covered with homespun Moldovan carpets. The museum has an extensive collection of household items, but unfortunately the only one personal item of the writer that can be seen nowadays, is his pistol made in the nineteenth century.  There is however an impressive collection of publications of the time, as well as documents and images, in one way or another connected with the life of Alexander Donici.

The museum complex in addition to the estate includes a park and Donici family chapel.

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