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Museum of the History of Cahul

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Cahul Museum was founded in 1958.  It has more than 16,000 artifacts that have priceless artistic value. The museum has assets that were acquired as a result of scientific research. The museum is located in the building where earlier in the interwar period there were operated municipality and district court. Museum funds account for a rich collection of ancient books and documents, cold (white) weapons and firearms, archeology and numismatics. A special place in the museum is devoted to the ethnographic collection, which consists of the elements of national costumes, carpets and other fabrics.

In the showrooms Cahul Museum presents the public at large information material about spiritual life of the inhabitants of southern Bessarabia. There's also a nature room, which contains artifacts of paleozoology that reflects the geological history of the Earth, thematic collection of animals and birds characteristic of the three southern ecosystems. The History Hall, describes the evolution of human society from the longest period of the Stone Age to the formation of the old Romanian state.

History of  Cahul, since the fifteenth century to the present, is reflected in the exhibition "Shkeya, Beauty, Cahul" and temporary exhibitions "Cahul. Events and Destinies."

Being opened in 1979 the ethnographic complex is of particular interest. The complex consists of a country house, the barn and the forge belonging to the end of the 19th century - the beginning of the twentieth century. The exhibitions of livestock, furniture, towels, carpets and wall rugs transmit their visitors experienced financial difficulties and spiritual experiences of the people of that time.

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