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  • Manor of Manuk-Bey
    Manor of Manuk-Bey
    Manuk- Bei, armenian by birth, was a renowned Turkish diplomat and Russian intelligence agent concurrently. The palace was built in 1891at his request on the project the famous a architec Bernardazzi. However, in 1817 Manuk- Bey died not having lived in the luxury he had hoped.

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Victims of Fascism

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Жертвам фашизма

Monument on Mass Grave in the memory of underground fighters and just ordinary citizen shot by fascists. This monument is in the form of a plaque; first of all it is devoted to the member of the underground Komsomol organization - Daria Dyachenko.  She was a brave girl from the Ukrainian district - Pervomayski, which working in the ranks of the underground organization "Partisan sparkle», fought against the German invaders, and soon she organized on her own and was the leader of several youth underground groups.

In Tiraspol, it is the Transnistrian capital, at the Memorial to the Victims of Fascism was established also the monument devoted to the underground movement victims, which in 1944 were killed by the German invaders.

Underground partisans collected weapons and ammunition, distributed leaflets and carried out sabotages. Due to their efforts and as a result of one of such actions on the railway have been released 200 Soviet war prisoners.

During combat missions Daria Dyachenko was captured by the Nazis and thrown into a concentration camp for women, and after the day of her 20th anniversary she was shot by the Germans. The Ukrainian fighter is buried in Tiraspol.

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Moldova, mun. Tiraspol, c. Tiraspoli
Cirpicnaa sloboda, St. Comunarov, район Кирпичная слобода