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Museum of Bread

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In the village Valeni (Cahul district) is the most "delicious" Museum of Moldova. Here you will not see a sign saying "Do not touch the exhibits", but on the contrary the exhibits cannot only be touched but they can be tested as well.

This amazing museum of bread pleases its visitors with delicious "specimens" and thus has a huge success among the visitors, who promise every time to come again.

Музей ХлебаBagels, large and small kalatches and pigeons of dough- that is all only a small part of this rare museum exhibits.

The founder of the museum is Vera Kaminskaya, who has its own bakery. The decision to establish a museum of bread was made after Vera’s bread won a prize at the international competition.

Bakers at Vera Kaminskaya’s bakery use traditional recipes without using supplements. The exhibits are stored in the museum throughout the year.

Vera Kaminskaya is sure that the mood of the baker is undoubtedly passed onto the bread. Thus no matter what the baker does at the moment whether kneads dough or adorns rolls, he should be at peace with himself while baking bread.

The most delicious bread, according to the woman, results from such components as water, flour, yeast, salt and lots of love. This traditional recipe is more than a hundred years.

Besides the tasty bread visitors of the museum can witness traditional ceremonies at a makeshift Moldovan wedding. Villagers of Valeni are proud of their unique museum. Bread Museum was opened a year ago. It represents about 20 types of bread products.

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Moldova, dis. Cahul, v. Badicul Moldovenesc


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