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Chisinau Railway Station

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Кишиневский железнодорожный вокзал

In 1844 the governor of Bessarabia the Earl Mikhail Vorontsov, proposed to Tsar Nicholas I a project of a horse railway "Odessa - Parkany." The Emperor approved the project, making only one amendment, the matter of this modification consisted of something to do with the dragging out of time and the real explanation was more to do with the invested finances. Due to various misunderstandings and bureaucratic obstacles, railway construction began only in 1863 and was completed by 1864, and was officially opened in December 1865. It was also decided to continue the construction of the way to Chisinau. For this case was introduced a special tariff - one kopeck from 1.46 hectares of land, in 2 years - by May 1867 all needed funds were collected. Contract agreement was signed with Baron Unger - Sternberg. Performing the condition of the contract, the contractor had deviated a bit as a bridge across the Dniester River was built, which was not planned according to the initial contract.

By 1870 the build of  the first railway station in Chisinau was underway. Some sources indicate that it was a one-story wooden building for temporary usage. It is said that the station was outwardly similar to a simple provincial railway station. However, this situation does not suit the city administration and they asked the architect Henry Lonskay to make the design of the new building of the railway city station.

There is uncertain and contradictory information on when the actual first train arrived at Chisinau station, some people claim that it happened on 15th August 1871, while others say that the route of Tiraspol to Chisinau line started to operation on the 28th  August 1871. In any case, this historically significant and great event occurred in August 1871, and the first train arrived from Odessa. This was the starting point in the history of the railway of Bessarabia.

Кишиневский железнодорожный вокзал

Railway network gradually increased throughout Bessarabia: a large number of passengers used the services of railway route; the length of it in the early XX century was about 850 kilometres.

The three-storey station building with square towers was like a fairytale castle - this beautiful aspiration with decorated spires on the towers. Indoors the building was built as a main hall, there were also shops and cafes off, a comfortable and cosy lounge for first class passengers, and not so chic rooms for people of second and third class. It is said that many townspeople loved walking around the station and its surroundings. Moreover, the station was located on the outskirts of the city and around it were many uninhabited dwellings. Later on these area were built on for dwellings for people and female diocesan school. Cab drivers with their carriages worked on the forecourt, when any train arrived, the area would be crowded with these cabs, drivers and crews. 1897 was marked by the construction of the tram horse railway; its main function was to connect the railway station with the city and its districts. There were 4 tram lines, 3 of which had a final stop at the railway station.

The Great Patriotic War destroyed the station building, as it was blown up by the Red Army in 1941, it was however, partially restored, in 1944, unfortunately air attacks heaped upon almost completely destroyed it once again. From some documental sources, the U.S. Air Force carried out a carpet bombing and as a result, almost all the old part of Chisinau was destroyed along with the station.

Of course, the station was not restored, as there was nothing left that could be restored. In 1948 the architect Alexey Shchusev in cooperation with the architect L. Chuprin rebuilt the station, with the help of the German prisoners of war. This time for the construction was used of shell stone and for panelling a brick. Since this time and as time passed and a lot of things have happened, and the train station with all its outhouses constantly changed and improved. For example, urban pavilion was built to the railway station building in 1976.

Кишиневский железнодорожный вокзал

An important event occurred on the 24th April 1983. Two memorial plates were installed. There with the inscription which reads as follows:

- “In the honour of Russian troops and Bulgarian armed volunteers who left the Chisinau railway station on April 24, 1877 to participate for the liberation of the Balkan people from the Ottoman yoke."

- " In the memory of the revolutionary struggle of the workers and soldiers for Councils Power in Moldova 1 (14) in December 1918."

The station was reconstructed July 30, 2003, also completed a covering over rail lines.

An interesting event occurred on 29th July 2004 the hole area was  established a special monument. This monument is the locomotive, serial number of it being 1469, which was manufactured in Poland, Poznan, it was restored for about 2 months. This locomotive joined Ungeni with the village Cornesti and until 1969 it operated on the route.

Кишиневский железнодорожный вокзал

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