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Monument to General Margelov

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Памятник генералу Маргелову

Monument to General Vasily F. Margelov, the commander of the Army Air Forces, General of the Army and the founder of the airborne troops of the USSR, was opened in Chisinau on June 5, 2010. At the opening ceremony of the monument there were officials such as Russian Ambassador to Moldova Valeriy Kuzmin and Minister of Defence Vyacheslav Marinuta there were also veterans of World War II and other armed conflicts, who served the Russian airborne troops.

Памятник генералу Маргелову

The monument is a monumental slab of a man's height - 1 meter 80 centimeters. Monument to General Margelov is set in one of the most beautiful sectors of our capital - Riscani.
Funds for the construction of the monument were raised by former paratroopers living in Moldova.

Памятник генералу Маргелову

Vasily F. Margelov, the hero of the Soviet Union, Paratrooper number 1. He participated in the liberation of Chisinau from the Nazis in 1944. During the Great Patriotic War he commanded infantry units and was also involved in the forced crossing of the Dnieper. Vasily F. Margelov participated in the liberation of Kherson and liberation of the peoples of South-Eastern Europe. He is twice holder of the Order of the Red Banner, the holder of the Order of the Red Star.

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