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  • Reserve "Plaiul Fagului"
    Reserve "Plaiul Fagului"
    Plaiul Fagului (Beech Land) got the name due to the vegetation of the reserve, which has over 680 species of vascular plants. It is a real depository of Moldovan nature!

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Monument to peaceful Tiraspol citizens, died in military conflicts of the 20th century

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During the armed conflicts of the 20th century there died many peaceful citizens of Kirov district in the city - hero Tiraspol. This monument at this site has been established a dedicated to these people. This epic composition is in the Kirov district of the city - hero Tiraspol that is situated on Secrieru Street.

Монумент мирным жителям павшим в военных конфликтах ХХ века



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Moldova, mun. Tiraspol, c. Tiraspoli
Cirovscii raion, St. Secrieru, 2