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  • Monument to a Woman with Grapes
    Monument to a Woman with Grapes
    In Dendropark there is a monument to a woman with grapes. The sculpture once stood at the entrance to Cathedral Park from Pushkin Street. In 2013 the monument was 54 years old. The sculpture is the work of L.Dubinovskii.

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Bust of the composer Stefan Neaga

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Bust of the composer Stefan Neaga was established in 1964 in front of the Republican School of Music and Choreography named after E. Coca in Riscanovca district, and in 1977 this monument moved to Botanica district, and took its place at the stairs walking up to the College of Music named after Stefan Neaga, where it still stands today.

Bust of the composer Stefan Neaga

Sculptural portrait of the eminent composer, carved from a 2 meter block of red granite, as if it embodies a creative freedom.

Stefan Neaga is the Honoured Artist of the Moldavian SSR in 1943, the winner of the highest State - Stalin - Award, chairman of the Union of Soviet Composers in Moldavian SSR, the member of the Supreme Soviet of the Moldavian SSR in two convocations.

Lazarus Dubinovsky portrayed the composer image without any official style, in a relaxed posture and in a simple and comfortable shirt, which does not restrict any movement. His head is slightly tilted back, his eyes are half closed and his face expression does not care about everyday life. Composer statue breathes in a tranquil and emancipated manner, but he is full of hidden energy. Certainly, at this moment the sculptor stopped as if some new tune already sounded in the head of the great composer and this melody is about to fall through the fingertips on to the piano keys ...

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