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  • Family Riscanu-Derozhinski Manor
    Family Riscanu-Derozhinski Manor
    In the historic centre of the city there is the palace of the Bessarabian nobles Riscanu-Derozhinski. The family Manor of Riscanu-Derozhinski was built in the 1870’s and designed by the renowned architect Bernardazzi.

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House of Prayer - Ark

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The church “Ark” – is a church of Evangelical Christians and Baptists of Moldova. It is an integral part of the Union of Baptist Churches of Moldova (Bishop Ion Miron).

The Church “Ark” has a large capacity and is known for spaciousness (1,200 seats), being the second largest Baptist church in Balti. The list of church members contains more than 525 brothers and sisters. There are four choirs in the church, several orchestras and Sunday school, which is attended by over 150 children.

We are sincerely grateful for the prayers for the church Ark.

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Moldova, mun. Balti, c. Balti
St. Alexandru cel Bun, 1