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Reserve "Plaiul Fagului"

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Plaiul Fagului (Beech Land) got the name due to the vegetation of the reserve, which has over 680 species of vascular plants.

The reserve was established in 1992 on the basis of a hunting ground "Redeny Vechi" in the north-eastern part of the plateau of Codri.

Заповедник «Плаюл Фагулуй» (Plaiul Fagului)

Part of the reserve is available for eco-tourism and it thus means that anyone can actually see all this beauty.

The reserve area is 5500 acres and surprisingly 5375 hectares of that are all set aside as territory forforest.

The landscape of the preserve itself is very diverse, sometimes even mountainous terrain can be found in this area that is not common for such places. The dominating steep slopes have been formed by bygone landslides and the height of these slopes range from 140 to over 400 meters above sea level.

Within the territory of Plaiul Fagului there is the river Reden separating the reserve into two forest tracts. These tracts of land are approximately of the same size, travellers are also very impressed by the cascade of lakes found within this woodland.

The reserve’s vegetation consists mainly of vascular plants, 68 species of moss, 48 - lichens and 150 - sponge. It should be noted that 27 species of the plants are recorded in Red Book RM.

Basically the forest consists of oak, beech, hornbeam and the rarely found- holm oak. Ancient oaks can also be found in several places of the reserve.
Заповедник «Плаюл Фагулуй» (Plaiul Fagului)

Due to the large cutting of the forest holm oak has almost disappeared there, but hornbeam grows mainly in its place. Today the reserve is carrying out some reforestation and all being done without damaging the soil.

There are over 211 species of animals in "Plaiul Fagului". Among them there are more than 60 species of terrestrial invertebrates, 12 - amphibians, 8 - reptiles, 49 - mammals and 142 - birds.

Within these places you can also find deer, wild boar, fox, badger, marten, wild cat, and recently an ordinary deer and red deer, which is considered a good sign. Reserve "Plaiul Fagului" is a real depository of Moldovan nature!

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