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  • Dadiani Gymnasium
    Dadiani Gymnasium
    Initially, this land spot was planned for rather different goals. The building, built on the block of the some cross – streets of August 31st, Banulesku – Bodoni, Bucuresti and Pushkin was purposed for the clergy of the Cathedral.



Statements of fact with regard to the remote but glorious Moldovan past plunge you into examining the historical events of our country. At times, we do not even suspect that an obvious unremarkable historical nuance can hide a plethora of past secrets. With great names of history, victories and defeats, monuments, buildings, excavations, military installations, and much more - all together proclaim a rich tapestry only waiting for you to discover our Moldovan heritage with the help of our online guidance - under the heading of History of Moldova.

Drama Theatre “Mihai Eminescu”
Monument of art, architecture and history of national significance. The construction of the building was initiated in..
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Center