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  • Manor of Manuk-Bey
    Manor of Manuk-Bey
    Manuk- Bei, armenian by birth, was a renowned Turkish diplomat and Russian intelligence agent concurrently. The palace was built in 1891at his request on the project the famous a architec Bernardazzi. However, in 1817 Manuk- Bey died not having lived in the luxury he had hoped.

History Railway


Do you know that in the 19th century the railway traffic was a brand new mode of transport - the most productive, mechanized and speed? Moreover Railway in Moldova opened more opportunities for more efficient turnover of trade, contributing to the growth of trade.

If you are interested in railway history of Moldova, we can tell you interesting facts about the first lines of the railway road on the territory of the country.

Railways of Moldova
The first line of the railway road within the territory of Moldova was built in 1865 from Razdelinaya station to..