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  • Monument to Maxim Gorky
    Monument to Maxim Gorky
    Monument to Maxim Gorky, Russian writer, novelist and playwright, was opened in 1977 and is located on the Cosmonauts Street.

History Monasteries


For centuries, in Moldova, especially in the north, there were erected an archipelago of wooden Orthodox churches, monasteries and a series of single monastic complexes carved in the rocky banks of the Dniester and Raut. Monasteries can be seen in more than 30 localities of Moldova.

Ascension Monastery in Gyrjavca
dis. Calarasi, v. Hirjauca
Bocancea monastery
dis. Sîngerei, v. Bocancea-Schit
Briceni Monastery
dis. Briceni, c. Briceni
Ceadir-Lunga Demetrius Monastery
mun. Comrat, c. Ceadir-Lunga
Chistoleni Nunnery
dis. Basarabeasca, v. Sadaclia
Ciuflea Monastery
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Center
Convent of the Holy Trinity "Frumoasa"
dis. Calarasi, v. Frumoasa
Convent of the Nativity of the Virgin
dis. Calarasi, v. Racula
Hincu Monastery
dis. Nisporeni, v. Bursuc
Holy Assumption Convent
dis. Ocnita, v. Calarasovca
Japca Monastery (convent)
As the local convent was the only functioning monastery in the Soviet period Japca village (about 160 km north of..
dis. Floresti, v. Japca
Monastery Căpriana
One of the oldest monasteries in the Republic of Moldova is the Orthodox Holy Assumption Monastery Capriana. It is..
dis. Straseni, v. Capriana
Monastery Negrea
dis. Hincesti, v. Negrea
Monastery of Gyrbovets
On a hill 60 km from Chisinau between the villages Gyrbovets and Hodzhineshty at the Ichel River, a friary has stood..
dis. Calarasi, v. Hirbovat
Monastery of St Prince Vladimir - Horesti
dis. Ialoveni, v. Horesti
Monastery of the Holy Trinity (Saharna)
The monastery complex is situated in a picturesque valley on the right bank of the Dniester River, near the village of..
dis. Rezina, v. Saharna
Monastery Tiganesti
dis. Straseni, v. Tiganesti
Monastery Zloti
dis. Cimislia, v. Zloti
Nativity and St. Dimitry convent
Nativity and St. Dimitry convent is located in the village of Varzaresti, Nisporeni district.
dis. Nisporeni, v. Vărzăreşti
New Neamt Monastery
dis. Causeni, v. Chitcani
Nicoreni Monastery
dis. Drochia, v. Nicoreni