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Artesian water wells have been known since time immemorial, structures of this type were common in ancient Egyptians and in the Chinese dynasties.

Construction of these wells was never an easy task, as at that time mankind had not the knowledge we have now with regard to the fundamentals of geology, people were no aware of the features of the earth and moreover they often were geared with the necessary tools and technology required for this type of construction.
However, many years ago people had realised that artesian water is not only very salubrious but also these water wells were also very useful allows for them to extract from a variety of water sources, such as  rivers, lakes, springs, seas and oceans.

Artesian water is a source of water acting as a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that have formed as a result of its proximity to various types of materials and metals, lime, silicon, zinc, iron, magnesium that the water has travelled through. This water is considered better than the other types of water due to its composition and quality. It thus has the highest status of water being in the first category, as it is classified as pure and wholesome.

The Most Powerful Water Source of Moldova - Kotova source
The most powerful water source of Moldova is Kotova source which is near the village of Kotova. The source's yield..
dis. Drochia, v. Cotova