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Blogger named release date for Windows 9

In April 2015 Microsoft is going to release a new operating system. It is reported by blogger Paul Tarrott. OS will be called Windows 9.

Microsoft will speak about Windows 9 details at the conference Build.

A few details of the operating system Windows 9 codenamed “Threshold” have already hit the net. It is suggested that "Start" menu will return.

Microsoft plans for 2014 to release an update for Windows 8.1 for its smartphone OS Windows Phone 8. They say that in the update include mobile voice assistant Cortana.

Within 2014, Microsoft will release some updated features for Windows 8.1 , its "OS" and  for Windows Phone 8 Smartphone. According  to the grapevine the "mobile" update will include voice assistant Cortana, an analogue of Siri.

Historically we saw In October 2012 came Windows 8. The peculiar new feature of this operating system was the presence of two interfaces. The operating system can be used on the tablets as well as on standard PC type computers.

The most popular operating system to date has been Windows 7 with a share of 47.5 percent.