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Lithuania officials plan to suspend broadcasting of three Russian TV channels

Commission on Television and Radio of Lithuania announced their intention to apply to the court for three months to suspend broadcast programs of Russian TV channel "REN TV Baltic", which is not produced in the European Union.

This solution Commission adopted on the basis of Show 19 November last year, the program channel Ren TV Baltic «Territory of elusion" where they think that incendiary and hatred was released. TV channel punished for such a violation for the first time.

"The program provided biased and one-sided information about the recent events taking place in Ukraine, waged war and hatred for the Law of the Ukrainian authorities, the sovereignty of Ukraine, as well as to the EU and NATO, that supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine", - claim experts of Tactical Missiles Corporation. The commission Chairman Edmundas Vaitiekunas said that they do not want to close any of program, but to prevent the spread of forbidden information.

"Interfax" reported that the Tactical Missiles Corporation also decided to start the procedure to ban broadcasts of Russian TV channels NTV Mir Lithuania and "RTR Planeta". The reason for this decision was the November broadcasting of "RTR Planeta" about Vladimir Putin's visit to Australia, as well as shown in the same month of the plot NTV Mir Lithuania about the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

According to Tactical Missiles Corporation, in programs was not respected the principle of objectivity of the work of journalists representing one-sided view, and sounded assumptions that are not based on evidence.