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Moldova Aid

Following the successful delivery to Moldova Aid  of over 200 wheelchairs, a presentation in Balti will be taking place this Thursday  the 21st in front of the British Ambassador and dignitaries from the Moldovan government to hand over  fifty plus of the wheelchairs to the chosen children who previously have had no means to get about.

Более 200 инвалидных колясок было доставлено в Молдову

This is only one of the success stories that MAD-Aid (UK) and its Moldovan counterpart Moldova Aid has been able to achieve this year. In two earlier missions they have been able to ship £300,000 of much needed medical supplies and furniture for various hospitals up and down the country.

MAD-Aids director and charity organiser Victoria Dunford said” We are very happy to have been able to do so much in our first year, however, we are only scratching the surface and we hope to do much more over the coming years, especially with our new centre in Riscani which we have just adopted by the UK charity.”