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Transnistria is working on opening up air flights

TMR Transport and Road Management Service have now started to work on opening possible air flights.

The head of the service Maxim Posazhennikov notes that the impetus for the work was the signing of the Air Code by Eugene Shevchuk,  that would enter into force in two months time.

He said that, this document is unique for the republic. It allows for the regulating of the activities in the field of aviation, as well as the use of air transport. The country will have the opportunity for further development of air transport and it is hoped will provide economic development.
At the Supreme Council, during discussion of the bill it was noted that international air transport will have to agree with TMR authorities for the flying over of its territory and pay compensation for the use of the airspace in the region and the damage to the ecology of the region.

During  Soviet times, there were two airfields within the territory of the TMR – the military one in Tiraspol and another -in Kamenka. The one in Kamenka has been abandoned for a long time; however, as for the military airfield the authorities have recently re-instigated it.