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  • Museum-Estate Ralli - Arbore
    Museum-Estate Ralli - Arbore
    Zamfir Ralli was one of the most active members of Bessarabia at the beginning of 19th century. His homestead is more famous by its distinguished quests rather than by its master. One of these quests was Alexander Pushkin, who lived in Bessarabia in exile.



Statements of fact with regard to the remote but glorious Moldovan past plunge you into examining the historical events of our country. At times, we do not even suspect that an obvious unremarkable historical nuance can hide a plethora of past secrets. With great names of history, victories and defeats, monuments, buildings, excavations, military installations, and much more - all together proclaim a rich tapestry only waiting for you to discover our Moldovan heritage with the help of our online guidance - under the heading of History of Moldova.

Monument to the Victims of the Transnistrian war
Monument to the Victims of the Transnistrian war of 1992.
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Teletentr
Obelisk to Bulgarian militiamen
In memory of the declaration by the Russian Emperor Alexander II the war against Turkey and the beginning of the..
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Riscanovca
Roman Catholic and Armenian - Gregorian cemeteries
Roman Catholic cemetery located in the south-eastern part of Chisinau on the street Valea Trandafirilor (former..
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Botanica
The monument "Victims of the Holocaust"
The monument "Victims of the Holocaust" was erected in memory of Jewish people killed by Romanian-German invaders..
mun. Tighina (Bender), c. Bender
Diverse and Interesting Events
Diverse and Interesting Events