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  • Memorial Historical Military Cemetery
    Memorial Historical Military Cemetery
    Burials in the cemetery have been made since the late 18th century to the present day. Here are buried warriors from different eras and different armies, Russian, Soviet, Hungarian and Romanian. The cemetery was reconstructed for the 600th anniversary of the city.



Statements of fact with regard to the remote but glorious Moldovan past plunge you into examining the historical events of our country. At times, we do not even suspect that an obvious unremarkable historical nuance can hide a plethora of past secrets. With great names of history, victories and defeats, monuments, buildings, excavations, military installations, and much more - all together proclaim a rich tapestry only waiting for you to discover our Moldovan heritage with the help of our online guidance - under the heading of History of Moldova.

Arch of Triumph
The "Arch of Triumph" is dedicated to the victory after the Russian -Turkish War and it is located in the center of..
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Center
Church of the Holy Martyr Dmitry
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Botanica
House of Lydia Lipkovski
The house where lived an opera singer Lydia Lipkovski. Lydia Lipkovski (in Russia it is known as Lipkovskaya) - a..
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Center
Museum of the History of Cahul
Cahul Museum was founded in 1958. It has more than 16,000 artifacts that have priceless artistic value.
dis. Cahul, c. Cahul
National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History
The very first museum in Moldova was founded by Baron Steward back in 1889, and during the 20th century it was a work..
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Center
The Old Orhei Museum Complex
Old Orhei is a historical and archaeological complex. It is located 60 km to the northeast of our capital on the river..
dis. Orhei, v. Butuceni