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There are many historical areas, alleys, mansions, parks, natural monuments, scientific reserves in Moldova. Visit the most beautiful and picturesque places of the Moldovan land.

Alley of Classics
Sculptural Complex Alley of Classics in Chisinau is in the Park "Stefan cel Mare".
mun. Chisinau, c. Chişinău, Center
Boyar Ion Hasnas’ Manor
141 km from Chisinau, in the village of Sofia, district Drochia, there is the mansion of Boyar Ion Hasnas. It was..
dis. Drochia, v. Sofia
Manor of Balioza
Museum of Folk Handicrafts in Ivancea
dis. Orhei, v. Ivancea
Natural monument "The Hundred Hills"
Between the villages Brăneşti and Coban, in the valley of the Prut River as you transverse along the road about 200 km..
dis. Glodeni, v. Branesti
Nature Monument "Rapids of the Prut River"
The village of Coban is located 200 km from Chisinau. According to recently found historical documents this place is..
dis. Glodeni, v. Cobani
Reserve "Padurea Domneasca"
Surprisingly, however the Reserve "Padurea Domneasca" was created during the reign of king Alexandru cel Bun, in the..
dis. Glodeni, c. Glodeni
Scientific Reserve "Prutul de Jos"
The reserve "Prutul de Jos" was created in 1991. Its main purpose was to protect the flora and fauna of the Prut..
dis. Cahul, c. Cahul
Taul park
About 200 km. north of Chisinau, in the centre of Țaul village there is the largest park in Moldova which was founded..
dis. Donduseni, v. Taul
Troyan Mounds
Troyan earth mounds are considered to be possible evidence of the presence of the Romans on the territory of Moldova,..
dis. Leova
Villa and arboretum of Mindic
At 25 km from the city Drochia between the villages Mindic and Cotova, there is an ancient villa Mindic surrounded by..
dis. Drochia, c. Drocia
Diverse and Interesting Events
Diverse and Interesting Events